Lengwe National park

Lengwe National park

Lengwe National park lays a mere 75km south from Blantyre in the lower shire Valley. The park lengwe National Park is 900 sq km big, but unfortunately good roads are only in 90 sq km of the park. This is where 90 percent of the animals reside. the park is home of the beautiful Nyala antelope, which is indigenous only to this park in Malawi. This normally shy creature is a frequent visitor to the lodge. There are many other species in the park including kudu, Impala, Bush buck, Read buck, Buffalo, Duiker and Warthogs. Velvet monkeys, Blue monkey, Baboons and Bush babys are primates in the park. Some visitors are lucky enough to see some of the cats (caracal, cerval,genet and leopards) the hunting wail of the hyena can often be heard at night. The park is also a home of 350 bird species. The extension area of the with its rocky outcrops can be reached from the village of Ndakwera and Kanzimbi.

Tisunge! Lower Shire Heritage Centre

At the entrance of the park Tisunge! Lower Shire Heritage Centre is being completed. The centre, at the moment, consists of a museum or exposition building, a library, offices, a arts and crafts shop, a weaving area, a meeting area and an ablution block.

The library is fully operational and mainly used by scouts from Lengwe National Parks and students from the surrounding villages. It holds a large array of books from scientific books on subjects as: archaeology, anthropology, Malawi, history and religion to school textbooks, reference books and children’s books. The use of the library is free of charge, only the books are not to leave the building.
At the moment a variety of historical and anthropological artifacts are on display in the library.

Tisunge! is undertaking a number of projects with the communities of the Lower Shire Valley. One of the most successful projects is the re-introduction of traditional spinning and weaving. A weaver is present at the weaving area to show the process and answer any of your questions about this craft of which the knowledge nearly was lost forever. The fruits of his labour are for sale in the shop on site.

Some of the other projects of Tisunge! involve tree planting. Local football clubs, school Wildlife clubs and CBO’s are encouraged to plant indigenous trees and hardwood. These projects make the community aware of the de-forestation problem and sustainability.

Please visit Tisunge! Lower Shire Heritage Centre, it is something different.

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